Monday, September 28, 2009

Design Wall Monday

This first photo is what my design wall really looks like today. On the upper left corner you can see my block for the BOM over at Two Creative Studios, my blog friend Vicki twisted my arm to do this! On the upper Right is my Asian Stars for this months Block Lotto. On the top of the Bordello Quilt is Judy's Quilt For an Hour project Freeze Frame. Again Vicki talked me into this project too.

Here is a better photo of Baby at the Bordello. This is the left over stripe sets from the Bargello quilt I made my friends mom about 2 years ago now. If you have read the Bordello Quilt story, go to my other blog you will enjoy it. Baby at the Bordello will be for Nu Bebe, she is coming on Thursday. A friend will be posting a photo of her at my other blog on Thursday if you want to come back and see her.

Week 39

Fabric In This Week: 7 yards
Fabric In This Year: 78.451 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 5 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 152.653 yards

Total Busted This Year: 74.202 yards

Okay not so good. I went backwards 2 yards. I did buy fabric this week for Judy's Quilt For an Hour project. I am loving mine!!! My blog friend Vicki talked me into doing it. I wasn't going to. I decided I would do it and I wanted to uses the 2 pieces of batiks I got in Buellton last May. Unfortunately I didn't have anything to go with the batiks. So 2 yards of pink and 1 yard of green to go with the batiks. I also found out this week that I had ran out of Kona White, I bought 4 yards.

I figure since I am going to have a baby on Thursday that I wont be adding to the stash for a few weeks. Maybe I can see a decrease again!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 38

Fabric In This Week: 0 yards
Fabric In This Year: 71.451 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 4.833 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 147.653 yards

Total Busted This Year: 76.202 yards

I am BACK!!! My goal is to bust an average of 2 yards per a week. The 15 yard purchase Labor Day set me back a bit. Plus I know I will be delayed in October, having Nu Bebe. I am hoping in the next 10 to bust 10 yards.

Let's see if I can make it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 37

Fabric In This Week: 15.75 yards
Fabric In This Year: 71.541

Fabric Out This Week: 9.25
Fabric Out This Year: 142.820

Total Busted: 71.279

It looks like I wasn't the only one shopping this week. The good news is ALL of the fabric was purchased for specific projects. I did pick up 8 yards to make crib sheets for Nu Bebe. I even got 3 of them made, I will be making the last one this week. Also I will be posting a tutorial on how to make them this week. Another 5 yards was purchased to make a quilt for a raffle prize for Scott's HHR Club. They have a BIG show at Tom's Farm in So-Cal in November. Another yard was actually 4 quarter yard cuts of Aqua for Jane's Red and Aqua Disappearing 9-Patch Swap. I got ALL of my 25 blocks made and cut this week. They will go into the mail tomorrow afternoon. And the last 1.25 yards of the 15.25 yards is for John's Wonky Log Cabins for Old Red Barn's Quilt Along.

Week 36

Fabric In This Week: 0
Fabric In This Year: 55.791

Fabric Out This Week: 2.083
Fabric Out This Year: 133.570

Total Busted: 77.779

All I got done was the Dozen Frankie blocks for the Halloween Swap. I should have them back this next week. I am hoping to make them into 3 throws, one for each of the girls and one for me. I saw a cute Halloween throw in the Gooseberry Patch Catalog. I should easily be able to make something similar from my stash. I am also thinking of turning the 9-patches into disappearing 9-patch on the backs.