Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Real Post

Thank you for coming to visit. I have started this blog to record my progress of Scrap & Stash Elimination. Now if you quilt you have some sort of "Scrap Basket" for all of those little pieces of fabric you cut off and just can't throw away. And if you paper craft you have a pile of paper scraps that are left over from a project you can't part with either.

So this blog dedicated to projects that are made from 75% or more of my scraps and 25% stuff from my stash. This is just excess stuff I have on hand. I have too much and need to start using it up! Now any of my projects I post here will be made with "stuff" I have on hand. I will not purchase any new product to make something here. I will not include my UFO's here, these are all new projects.

I will be updating this blog two times a month, the first and fifteenth of each month. It will have completed projects, ideas to help you eliminate your stuff, and much more. It will be Sewing and Paper Crafting stuff. I will keep track of gift of scraps, thread spools finished, four patches and other stuff that comes up as I go.

The first project idea I will share with you is my four patch project. I have been making four patches with my scraps to help use up leftover fabric, ends of bobbins, and almost finished spools of thread. I have been trying to use up my solid white scraps, it also helps keep some uniformity to your project. I choose 3" squares because that was the width of most of my white stripes. You can make your squares and size you choose. Just remember to make them all the same size.

First cut 2 squares 3x3 of each white and colored fabric.

Sew one white square to colored square. Repeat with second set. Press seam toward colored fabric.

Rotate one set of squares, match center seam and sew together. Press seam to one side.

Now make more!

Also if you would like to be a guest Blogger let me know. I would love to here others ideas on S.S.E.P.