Monday, March 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I know I don't usually post for Design Wall Monday but today I am in. Yes this is my design wall. No this isn't one quilt, it is four quilts. This is sorta what I am currently working on.
1. Center top- Lime Zinger, my selvage edge quilt
2. food blocks- Dinner With Scott, these are the "A" blocks for a twin to ship to Scott in Iraq
3. Green, blue, purple on right- That is what is left to sew of Baby At The Bordello.
4. Tree Blocks- That is the start to 3 Quilts (2 baby and a lap) for a wonderful client.
I am hoping to have the tops to the 2 baby quilts for the client done this week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 10

Fabric In This Week: 4 Yards
Fabric In This Year: 68.75 Yards

Fabric Out This Week: 4.816 Yards
Fabric Out This Year: 45.970 Yards

Total Busted This Year: -22.780 Yards

It is coming back down!!! OK not by leaps and bounds but down none the less.

This week I started a bag, not finished. I made a clutch purse, WAY CUTE!!! Start the Dinner With Scott Quilt. I got all the "A" blocks done. I am hoping to make the "B" blocks next week.

Today I am having to put my sewing aside to work on 3 quilts for a client. I am hoping to have 2 of the tops done this next week.

Hope to bust 1 yard this week. Check back tomorrow for what is on my design wall

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 9

Fabric In This Week: 8 yards
Fabric In This Year: 64.75 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 0.916 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 41.164 yards

Total Fabric Busted This Year: -23.536 yards

Okay I think I am doing this backwards. This does not count my yardage from the quilt show, I bought that on Sunday so it will count next week. I did stumble into the middle of a shop hop in San Carlos this last week. We hopped through 6 stores on our way home.

So I ended up buying .5 yards of purple Kona for Twiddletails Pinwheel Quilt Along. I did have everything else in my stash! Because of only making one block at a time I will not be able to count my Out Yardage until I am finished. I also bought 1.5 yards of orange Kona for my Spiderweb quilt. I also purchase .5 yards of a green hand dyed at the quilt show.

The only things I got done are my 10 blocks for Block Lotto and I cut some squares for the demos at the quilt show.

I am hoping to be more productive this week. I am going to bust 5 yards!

A side note Scott goes back to Iraq on Wednesday.