Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First 7 Project For 2010

First we have the WISH project. This is the Dinner With Scott quilt. I took Scott to his first quilt shop 8 and a half years ago, Back Porch in Pacific Grove. He had no clue about fabric, he started then buying 1/2 yards of fabric with food on it. I have a little bit of everything in the box. Now to get started.

The ironing board is covered in the first 6 UFO's to be finished. I think I will have them all done before July. I will start at the top left:
1. Calendar Men Quilt- A LOT of quilting and binding. A little quilting is done.
2. Wild West Quilt- It NEEDS additional quilting to be usable. It has been ditched and bound.
3. Tessellations Quilt- This is my nemesis. It has been sitting next to my machine for over a year. All that is left is quilting the border and binding.
4. Brown and Blue Quilt- This needs trim and binding. The blue fabric on the top edge is to be the binding.
5. Lunch With My Friends Quilt- I my Bento Box at the Quilter. The lime fabric on the brown and blue quilt is the binding for that one.
6. Mod Quad Quilt- This is to be a twin quilt for Nikki, last years birthday. I have 11 weeks and 12 blocks done maybe I will make this year.
And don't forget that I need to bust 39 yards from my stash.
Now your turn, share with me your quilting goal for the new year. I know you have one.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Free Week

I have decided to take this week off of the Stash Busters. Anything used or purchased wont be counted. And no Lisa I am not going on a shopping spree, I did buy 5 yards of Kona White though.

I am going to spend this week figuring out my first 6 UFO's to be worked on, my first WISH project, getting organized and cleaning up. I am also going to trim a quilt and look for the fabric for the binding. I am also planning on finishing the top to the Milky Way blocks I won and setting another batch of blocks I won last fall from my guilds block of the month.

I will post photos of the UFO's I pick, my WISH project and the 2 tops I get done a little later this week.

SO what are your quilting goals for this next year?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 52

Fabric In This Week: 0 yards
Fabric In This Year: 132.451 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 1.5 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 216.609 yards

Total Fabric Busted: 84. 158 yards

I did buy fabric this week but I also used it this week. I didn't count it in or out. I purchased fabric for the border of the Milky Way blocks I won last month in Block Lotto. My blocks just have 2 more rows to set and the borders are already cut. I would like the top done before the end of the year.

This week I did some small stuff. I made December and January's Block Lotto blocks and I made a few owls for Toy Society. That is it.

I am happy with my results for the year. I fell a little short of my goal but I tried and that's what counts. I have learned much by being part of the Stash Busting Report over at Judy's this past year. I have made things out of my comfort zone, discovered weak spots in my stash, and used some of my scraps. I am pleased.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stash Busting Goals 2010

Okay I am posting now my goals for next year. I am making 3 goals:

1. Bust 78 yards from my stash.
2. Complete 1 UFO a month, NOT 12 a year a minimum of 1 a month all extras are just that EXTRA
3. Make and Finish 2 WISH projects, you know the ones you have everything for but the time to make them.

What are your goals? Come one Share with me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 51

Fabric In This Week: 0 yards
Fabric In This Year: 132.451 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 4.125 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 215.109 yards

Total Fabric Busted: 82.658 yards

I came close to my 5 yards goal, I am happy with that. I made a few bags for gifts to go in, 4 more potholders, a pillowcase and started the Dinner With Scott quilt. I am still working on the binding for the client quilt.

This week my goal is 7.5 yards. That will take me to 90 yards busted and only 14 yards short of my goal. I will be very happy with that. I need to make 4 more potholders this week, a crib sheet, and a few toys for the toy society. I will have to pull out a UFO to work on too.

How is everyone else doing with their Stash Busting Goals this year? Anyone going to join up next year? I am!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 50

Fabric In This Week: 1.125 yards
Fabric In This Year: 132.451 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 8.125 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 211.084 yards

Total Fabric Busted: 78.633 yards

I am making a come back. I am only down 22.367 yards as of this week. I still have a chance of making my goal of 104 yards busted.

This last week I got the backing to Lunch With Friends down, it will go to the quilter Wednesday. I also made a pillow case, 4 potholders, toys for the Toy Society and a few other things.

My goal for this next week is 5 yards. I have other Christmas stuff to get done. I still have a pillow case, 8 potholders, and more toys. That should be at least 4 yards of fabric. I am hoping to start my dinner with Scott quilt too. The first thing I need to sew is the binding on the client quilt.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Week 49

Fabric In This Week: 4.5 yards
Fabric In This Year: 131.326 yards

Fabric Out This Week: 1.625 yards
Fabric Out This Year: 202.959 yards

Total Fabric Busted: 71.633 yards

I did so good not buying fabric this week, until 3pm on Saturday! Can you believe it I had 9 hours to go. We walked into Cabin Fever Quilt Shop in Auburn. They had Olivia fabric on Clearance and they had Beer fabric. Daphne needed 1.5 yards of both of the Olivia fabrics and Scott has been on a 8 year mission for beer fabric, 1.5 yards of that too.

I didn't do any big sewing this week. Everything I did was 1/4 or 1/8 of a yard. I did make a few toys for the Toy Society. I have an alien and a ladybug in the box for the Christmas toy drop. Friday night I whipped up a robot to drop in Auburn. I also have a doll in parts for the box.

This weeks goals 10 yards, I know I keep saying that. I do have 2 pillow cases to make this week. If they get done they are a yard each. I also wanted to piece the back for my Bento Box quilt. I am thinking of cutting a top for another quilt. IF I get all of that done I will be close to my 10 yards. Plus I need to make 3 or 4 toys this week for the box.

What is your goal this week?