Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 33

Total Fabric In This Week: 0 yards
Total Fabric In This Year: 85.75 yards

Total Fabric Out This Week: 2.25 yards
Total Fabric Out This Year: 91.595 yards

Total Fabric Busted This Year: 5.845 yards

I am on my way to my goal of 78 yards Busted For The Year. So I have a ways to go.

My bust isn't anything impressive. I gave some fabric to my friend Jennifer, 14 scrap blocks were made and I got borders on my Charm Square Quilt. I did buy a yard for that but it is already cut and half on my quilt. So not counting it in or out.


Tamera said...

Keep moving forward. You're in the black, so that's good!

Lori said...

Your numbers are in plus side, keep up the great job.