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Sewing For Baby- Duvet Tutorial

1 3/8yds backing
3/8yds top (Buttonhole Piece)
1 1/4 yds top (Button Piece)
*If using the same 2 pieces on top you need 1 5/8 yds
3 buttons approx 1 inch
coordinating thread
Marking pen or pencil

The measurements are based on a Toddler Comforter approx 36x50.
I pre-wash all my fabrics how they will be cared for. I for this I use hot water and Tide Free detergent since that will be the long term care.
These directions are for making a general Duvet. The pieced blocks on mine quilt are from my pattern Hole In My Roll which is for sale on my Etsy Site. If you have purchased the pattern and would like exact measurements for this Duvet Cover please leave me a comment.

I cut my length then my width.
Backing 49" x 37"
Top Buttonhole Piece 12" x 37"
Top Button Piece 44" x 37"

1. Starting with the top Buttonhole Piece fold bottom up 2 inches and press. You will then fold that again 2 inches and press. Raw edge should be on the inside. With wrong side of fabric facing up sew 1/4" away from top folded edge. This will hold the facing in place.

2. Fold fabric in half to find the center of the facing. You will need to mark this, I finger press and insert a straight pin. Fold each side to the center and mark those too. You should now have have markings 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the way across the facing. You now need to center your buttonhole at those points 1 inch up from the edge. Follow machine directions for making button holes.

3. I place a straight pin just to the inside of the bar tack on each end of the buttonhole, I carefully insert my seam ripper into the center of the buttonhole and cut to the pin. The pin stops me from ripping open the bar tack and running my buttonhole. I always slid my button through the buttonhole at this point to make sure it is big enough.

4. You will now repeat step 1 with the Top Button Piece. Fold the top edge down 2 inches and press. You will then fold that down another 2 inches and press in place. Raw edge should now be on the inside. With wrong side facing up sew 1/4" away from bottom folded edge. this will hold facing in place.

5. Wrong Sides together pin Duvet Back and Top Button piece together along the bottom. Sew 1/4" seam allowance. Once this is done pin Left side and sew 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat on the Right side, pin and sew 1/4" seam allowance. NO the unfinished edge is not going to be on the outside, we are making French Seams! No raw edges for baby.

6. Again with Wrong Sides together pin Duvet Back and Top Buttonhole piece together along the top. Sew 1/4" seam allowance. Pin the Left side and sew 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat on the Right side, pin and sew 1/4" same allowance. At this point the Buttonhole facing on top should overlap the Button facing by about 2 inches.

7. Trim your corners slightly to reduce bulk. Flip Duvet inside out. Press all seams straight and flat. *Some prefer to press seam open before flipping Duvet to making this easier.* If you choose at this time also pin edges, to make sewing easier on you.

8. ALL SEAMS WILL NOW BE 3/8" SEAM ALLOWANCE. I again sew Bottom seam at 3/8". Then the Top seam. Next is down the Left side. Last is the Right side. I DO NOT turn and make continuous stitching. The reason is if something has shifted it all adds up and the bubble gets pushed to one spot of the Duvet. By sewing one side at a time I can ease in a spot if needed.

9. Flip back to right side. Lay the top edge of the Duvet flat on a table. Pin facings together. Insert your marking pen into your buttonhole and mark the center of the buttonhole on the facing of the Top Button piece. Repeat until you have marked all 3 buttonholes.

10. Unpin the facings and sew a button onto each of the 3 markings. Once this is done you are ready to insert your comforter.

*** If you decide to piece a section of your Duvet make sure your pieced section measures out to the cutting size you need. If you have pieced blocks you may want to add a top and bottom border in order to make up for the facings and the french seams.

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